Sensex @60k, What next?

During the last six months, as Sensex is making new lifetime high, the investors are increasingly getting concerned about the market valuations. The common perception is that liquidity is a...
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Union Budget 2021: No Compromise, only Maximise

In our December 2020, AAA Insights, titled “2021: Embrace Optimism”, we had mentioned that the Indian economy is poised for faster growth as 1) the pain of structural reforms is behind us
2) Indian government’s efforts to revive the Indian manufacturing sector through various initiatives like PLI scheme are impressive
3) Faster formalisation & digitization of the economy and

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2021: Embrace Optimism

From shock to a positive surprise… While pandemic Covid19 was the biggest shock to the world, discovering a vaccine in a record time of fewer than 12 months is a pleasant surprise to humanity. 2020 will be known as one of the most volatile years, with Sensex recording the sharpest

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