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3M Stock Selection Approach

Our proprietary 3M approach has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns year after year and resulted in various multi-baggers such as Hitachi, Motherson Sumi and Whirlpool over the past 11 years. We invest in companies that have proven management, a strong balance sheet, superior earnings growth and exceptional corporate governance. Our radically resilient strategy is in accordance with this 3M approach of Market Size, Market Share, and Margin of Safety.

Market Size:
Market size determines the size of the opportunity. We prefer companies that are targeting a large market size to generate exponential returns.

Market Share:
We buy companies that are the leaders in their sector as they are the best positioned to navigate the upturn and downturn of the economy.

Margin of Safety:
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. We buy the companies which are available at reasonable valuations.

Our Investment Process

We invest in companies that have proven management with superior earnings growth, driven by sustainable competitive advantage.


We believe that in the long term, the market is a mirror of earnings growth and hence, consistent earnings growth is the primary driver of intrinsic value and stock price appreciation. That translates into producing resilient earnings growth, which when compounded, can deliver wealth creation for our investors.

Our key focus on diversification and a disciplined exit strategy help us navigate uncharted waters such that we inherently mitigate market risks. Our strategy is to respond quickly to change, help to protect your capital from market shocks and generate wealth over the long-term.

In our mission to deliver attractive long term returns to our clients, we are committed to using a disciplined, fundamental, research-driven approach to identify well managed, shareholder-friendly companies with sound business models where we see a strong likelihood of continuing profitability and positive shareholder returns. Our unique 4-Step Investment Process is predicated on 3M stock selection, prudent risk management and a disciplined exit strategy.


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