Why AlfAccurate

A history of exceptional performance by building portfolios for individuals and family offices.

Client First, Always

At AlfAccurate, our focus is exclusively built on the core strengths and illustrious track record of our team members in investment management. Unlike many of our peers, we do not offer any other services such as wealth management and broking and therefore there is zero conflict of interest. This strategically allows our team to operate at the highest levels of corporate governance in a transparent manner, along with the necessary time and resources to focus on what’s really important – in-depth research and agility in tracking your investment’s appreciation. You enjoy unprecedented direct access to our team of fund managers while also benefiting from our formidable partner ecosystem. Seamless client onboarding, express turn-around-times to queries, timely portfolio performance updates are just a few of the many ways we have built client-centricity into our business. Through our newsletter AAA Insights, we aim to clear myths and misconceptions that surround investment opportunities, and help you achieve greater clarity on the investment landscapes and decisions. Our team is deeply committed to providing the highest level of personalized service at all times.

Superior Track Record

AlfAccurate is one of the few players in the industry which has completed 14 years.

A central tenet of our investment culture is a belief that a disciplined set of processes, practised by a capable and experienced team, will generate superior risk-adjusted returns. As investors with a long-term orientation, we strive to identify and invest in companies that are well-governed, have strong fundamentals and prepared to navigate volatility – to ensure your capital is protected while leveraging all wealth generation opportunities.

In fact, AAA has received Business Award for the Best PMS provider in India from APAC-Insider in 2021. AAA IOP PMS has also received Best 10 Year Performance Award (Rank #3) in India for delivering superior risk adjusted returns by PMSAIF World (Feb22). It has also received Best 10 Years Performance Award (Rank #2) in India for delivering superior risk-adjusted returns by PMSAIF World (Feb23).

Founders as Award-Winning Fund Managers

At AlfAccurate, our secret is a simple but proven one. Our founder & MD – Mr. Rajesh Kothari – comes with a rich experience of 25+ years and has consistently outperformed the benchmark, winning several accolades along the way. With him at the helm, we succeed primarily because of our people, all of whom are experienced professionals with a shared set of ethics and a single goal of excellence. There is zero risk of change in guard which ensures 100% commitment and alignment of interest with you – our valued investors. With a collective 75+ years of experience, we create investment strategies that balance risk and return, provide insulation from volatility to deliver superior performance.

Our Success Stories

At AlfAccurate, our sophisticated 3M stock selection investment approach has resulted in the identification of many multi-baggers over the past 14 years.

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