AAA India Equity Fund AIF


AAA India Equity Fund is a portfolio of 40-60 companies which are market leaders with strong corporate governance and high growth potential with an investment horizon of 3-5 years.

Additional Features

  • Open-ended Fund, hence no lock-in period.
  • Participation in IPO investment opportunities.
  • Up to 10% of the investments could be invested in unlisted/pre-IPO opportunities.
  • Upto 20% of the corpus could be used for hedging via derivatives.

Product Profile

Number of holdings
BSE 500 Index
Listed Public Equities
<= 100%
Unlisted Public Equities/Pre-IPO
<= 10%
<= 20%

Why Invest in AAA India Equity Fund?

  • India investment strategy with a strong emphasis on superior and sustainable growth
  • Focus on companies with a strong balance sheet and high return on capital employed
  • Diversified portfolio with 40-60 high quality growth companies
  • Enjoy the benefits of true multicap with right mix of large, mid and smallcap exposure

Experience in High Quality Growth Investing

Mr. Rajesh Kothari
Founder & Managing Director
25+ years of experience

A High Conviction & Quality Approach

Based on our proprietary 3M Investment Approach, we invest in companies that have proven management, a strong balance sheet, superior earnings growth and stellar corporate governance. We believe that by investing in companies with resilient fundamentals and sustainable competitive advantage while taking a long term investment approach, we can preserve capital and provide stability across market cycles.

Our radically resilient strategy is in accordance with our 3M approach of Market Size, Market Share, and Margin of Safety.

The AIF Advantage

  1. Hassle-Free: Very simple and easy process of onboarding, and exiting – no hassle
  2. Pooled-account Convenience: Pooled Account results in a lot of conveniences since there won’t be any transactions in the personal account which adds to accounting complexities
  3. Tax Deducted At Source: Tax is deducted at source itself, so no double taxation


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